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Tuesday, March 2, 2010


"...and please forgive me for biting mama who, by the way, tastes like chicken...."

One of our just-before-nap-time-killers (sad to admit) is to swing by Costco and take our fill of the various samples on offer. This past Sunday, there were more than just Bagel Bites and potstickers to try, there was also... Mommy.

Yep, that's right folks, Ana took a nip out of my right shoulder. I don't know who was more surprised - me or her! The fallout was due to frustration over a princess book that comes with figurines. Darlin' Daddy let her hold it, but told her that we couldn't open it up. 10 minutes of begging and whining later, Mommy-the-Heavy took the book to put it back on the display table. And...munch.

Chick seemed very sorry and kept talking about the incident. I was feeling better about it Monday morning when the very first words out of her mouth were - Mommy, I'm so sorry to bite your arm. I didn't mean.

I felt less better, however, when the next words out of her mouth were - Is the store open now? Can we go buy the book, please?

Although it doesn't make for a truly Shelley story, I feel I would be doing Ana a disservice if I didn't go on to mention that at breakfast she said this blessing:

Dear God, thank you for this food and for our family and please I am sorry to bite Mommy. Amen.

And, good for her lifetime expectancy, she didn't go on to ask God for the book.

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