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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Registered at the Disney Store

Ana's proclivity towards all things girlie continues to amaze me. I was madly in love with Scott but couldn't even mention the word marriage without getting all kinds of nervous. I didn't think about what my wedding would be like until I actually had a ring on my finger. Ana on the other hand has it all planned out at 3 1/2 and even declared her beau this morning.

Luckily I approve. My future son-in-law's name is Leo and he is the adorable son of a new friend I've made here in Austin.

I'm going to marry Leo - he's my very best favorite! And I'm going to wear a dress, and have flowers, and shoes, and a neck-uh-lace, and a whale (veil). And what will you say?

I'll say, I'm so happy for you, Baby! Congratulations!

No. You will say I'm jealous of your whale. I want that whale.

I think she has had enough of watching Cinderella and her wicked stepmother.

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