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Thursday, July 8, 2010


Mountains are the latest things that exist in Canada. I'm wondering when my Canadian run is going to be called out. I'm also wondering if soon I will be moving from the relatively-decent-mother-category to the somewhat-sloppy-in-her-childrearing category.

Mommy, what do mountains do?
Nothing, they just stand there.
No, that's not what they do. What do mountains do?
Um, they really just stand there.
No! Do they have the dark woods? Are they scary? I'm scared of mountains. Are they far, far away? Are we safe?
Mountains don't hurt us, Sweetie. They just stand there.
No! They do! Where do they live?
You were right, they are far, far away. Too far away from here to get to.
Oh, they live in Canada?
Yep, that's right. They live in Canada.
Oh, that's okay then.

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Crazy Cathcart said...

I will be sure to let me sister know that the scary mountains reside in her town...Go Scary Canadian Mountains!!! Oh and I continue to use the "go ask your grandparent" line so we will hang out together in the "slacker" parent room!!! Hugs!

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