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Saturday, July 17, 2010

San Marcos

For those of you who are not Texas residents, San Marcos is a small town about 45 minutes South-ish of Austin, population of around 55,000. Known mostly for it's rivers which are highly conducive to floating with beers or vodka spiked watermelon, it's other claim to fame is a couple of outlet malls.

It is because of the outlet malls that it has won Ana's heart. Specifically because of the mall that contains the Disney outlet. She and I have been there only twice, but that has not stopped it from having a shiny gold space in her world. Take the following, for example:

Mommy, can we go on a fancy date to a fancy restaurant one day? We can get all fancy and wear fancy dresses and fancy jewelry and fancy headbands?

Sure, Baby. Where do you want to go?

To San Marcos. To the fancy restaurant in San Marcos.

(Mind you, both of the times we went we ate at Subway).

And Mommy? When I'm married can I go on my honeymoon to San Marcos?

I guess. If that's what you want. What would you do there?

I would go to the Disney Store in San Marcos and my prince would buy me all of the things that I want.

God love him. If she actually finds a guy that will marry her and take her to San Marcos on her honeymoon to the Disney Store and Subway, she has my blessing. I'll even spring for the combo add-on. Oh hell, throw in the cookie too.

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