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Saturday, July 10, 2010

No Dumb Blonde

My dad and sister, Ashley, came over on Thursday and took Ana off of my hands for the day. To keep her entertained and sufficiently spoiled, they took her out for lunch and then to The Disney Store. Of course the store was Ana's suggestion as she has been angling for the "Cinderella wedding doll with the prince" for ages.

Upon arrival at the store, my sister and dad realized, to their horror, that the Cinderella doll was no longer carried. Dad gave Ash the task of breaking it to Ana. Trying to let Ana down gently, my sister made up a big story about Cinderella being at Disney World, but that she was on a plane flying back and they would get her for Ana just as soon as she landed and came back to the store.

Ana just looked at Ashley for a moment, then said, Um, they're sold out. All of the other people bought them.

That's my girl. She's got her Mommy's brains ;-)

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