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Thursday, July 15, 2010


The good thing about 3 year olds is that they are anything but subtle, or quiet for that matter. They also tend to rat themselves out. The sneak/rat count today fell at 3:

1. Ana: Crash! (chair falling over) Giggle! Move Cooper! Sound of Ana throwing herself back in her chair.
Me: Ana? What were you doing?
Ana: I wasn't trying to sneak that lollipop.

2. Ana comes out of the bathroom. Mommy? I rolled all of the toilet paper back up, so it's okay. I remembered to wipe! Coopy helped me roll the toilet paper, he was funny. Upon inspection, Cooper's contribution to the project was to eat several of the strands that were left behind on the floor.

3. Mommy? I pulled out all of the floss, but that's okay. Nobody is perfect. Everybody makes mistakes. Even the angels.


Grace said...

Love #3 especially about angels making mistakes.

Crazy Cathcart said...

I LOVE that Angels make mistakes too!!!

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