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Friday, July 16, 2010


You know you are seriously heading towards curmudgeonly when you find yourself uttering the following:

You know what? Cupcakes just have too much frosting. I used to like them better than cake because they are the right amount of cake, but they just have too much frosting. They have like 3 times more frosting than cake, but they would be good if they had double the amount of frosting. Cupcakes are really starting to bother me.

Seriously. That's what I said. Verbatim. "Cupcakes are starting to bother me." What's next on my hit list? Puppies? Santa Claus? I might be strapping myself down to the couch for a weekend Pollyanna marathon to bring myself back. No, on second thought, that would probably just throw me over the edge...

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