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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Pink Super Girl

We have identified Pink Super Girl's look. Apparently Ana must have seen her in some costume magazine back around Halloween. The desire must have percolated for months, only coming out at the moment we crafted her letter to Santa. It appears that the jolly old man is her muse.

With Ana I dare not make something up, put something together, or find something else and dye it pink. Things have to be just so or the world ends. So for this reason, a pink Super Girl costume is winging its way to us from some generic costume store. I double checked that I had found the right one by calling her over to the computer:

Ana, is this Pink Super Girl?

Ye-uhs. See the pink on her? (pardon me!)

I can. I just wanted to check that this is the one that you like.

That's the one that I like. It will make me fly with my cape.

Honey, kids that wear that can't really fly. It's just for pretend.

No, that's not true. I saw her flying in my book. I can fly like her.

Really, you won't be able to. That's just a picture.

I will show you!

I'm thinking that despite best efforts, Pink Super Girl is still going to disappoint on Christmas morning. Just a hunch.

Also - a HAPPY BIRTHDAY this morning to the brains behind the TheNokayblog.com website - my good friend Grace - who will now probably want to kill me :-)

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