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Monday, November 22, 2010

Shoe Fetish

Ana gets very sad when Daddy has to go out of town for work, which he did this past Wednesday night. To help put a positive spin on the night, I told her that we could get dressed up and that I would take her out for dinner, just us girls.

Can we wear make-up?
Sure. A little bit.

Can we wear fancy dresses?
Sure. That's fine.

Can you wear fancy shoes?
Yeah, yeah, I can do that.

The night came and we applied our make-up. I tell her that she has to close her eyes so that she can't see that I actually don't put anything on the brush. I finish up with a swipe of real lipstick, though, and she hasn't busted me yet.

Next, it was time to get dressed. Ana picked out a purple princess dress, white tights, and black party shoes. A sparkly headband finished off her ensemble. Then, it was on to me.

Mommy, please, please, please, please wear this dress!
No, it's too short.

Mommy, please, please wear this one!
No, it's strapless. We're just going to The Cheesecake Factory. I don't want to be that fancy.

Mommy, please, please how about this one?!?
No, Mommy wore that 10 years ago. I don't think it's appropriate anymore, I should just get rid of it.

Here, Ana, I'm going to wear this one. (Black, long-sleeved understated dress)
Noooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mommy! You said we could be fancy!

Ana, it's cold outside. This is the best dress for me to wear. But, I tell you what, you can pick out whatever shoes of mine you want that match and I promise that I'll wear them.

So, she did. She picked out the one pair of shoes that I had forgotten that I owned because I literally wore them once to show them to Scott. I bought the shoes when I was going through an I'm-too-complacent-I-should-make-more-of-an-effort phase. Phase might be a little strong - more of a blip. Scott says he likes my legs, but apparently the tennis shoes and ratty flip-flops I was wearing all of the time weren't showing them off to their full advantage. So, I tried to surprise him with the highest heeled black number I could find. I brought them home, put them on and... he laughed. Apparently I had bought "hooker shoes".

Picture if you will: Wednesday night a car pulls up in front of The Cheesecake Factory. An adorable little princess in a purple dress steps out, followed by a teetering hooker. Can they really be together? The princess enjoyed the children's bowtie pasta and the hooker went to town on the BBQ chicken pizza. After the cheesecake counter was avoided, the hooker drove the little princess home, took off her aching weapons of torture, and turned back into Ana's Mommy. She then tucked her little dear in with a kiss and went straight to her closet to hide the shoes on the very top shelf. The back of the top shelf even.


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Melody said...

LOL LOVE IT!! Such a good momma!!!

Crazy Cathcart said...

Love the Hooker heels....luckily I can blame a foot problem as to why I don't wear heels like the other mommies at Mikayla's school...

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