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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Showing Belly

Okay, so I sort of lied in yesterday's post. By omission anyway. Ana's legs got more than a pack of gum. They also got one of her pre-purchased Christmas presents - a Jasmine costume. I've had this thing sitting in the garage, waiting for December, and when she was so scared and puny at the doctor's office, I used it as the light at the end of the tunnel for her. I confess, I'm not above bribery. Or, distraction with a coveted over-priced cloth item. Hey, it worked.

Anywhoo, she lived in the thing all day yesterday, only taking it off for bed because I told her it would get wrinkled. Her big thrill was that it showed about an inch of her belly, the aforementioned problem that I had with any Jasmine costume and the reason that I told her she could only wear it in the house. Her poor, sad-sack self got me again, though, because I caved and let her wear in the stroller as I walked her around the neighborhood.

On our walk we ran into a little boy that we had never met before. The two of them traded random pointless information for random pointless information in a hair-pulling-when-will-this-end?-fashion:

Boy: What is your dog's name? Can I pet him?
Ana: No, he bites kids. That's Cooper.
Boy: Oh, Cougar, I guess that's why he got his name. Because he's like a big scary kitty.
Ana: He's not a kitty! He's a dog! He's my furry brother.
Me: His name is CooPer, with a P, not Cougar.
Boy: Oh, I guess that's still how he got his name, because it's like Cougar. That's funny.
Me: Uh, yeah.
Ana: See my belly? I'm Jasmine.
Boy: I don't go to the school for this neighborhood. I go somewhere else.
Ana: Hey! Do you see my belly? I'm Jasmine.
Boy: Yeah, I do. My teacher's name is Mrs. Crowe.
Ana: You're not supposed to see my belly - it's only for family to see.
Boy: Well, I do. I like my school.
Ana: You're not my family!
Me: Okay, sounds like it is time for us to go! What time do you get home from school?
Boy: 3:30
Me: (mental note never to walk by here at 3:30)
Ana: Bye! Don't see my belly!

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Auntie Karen said...

Ali ~ how do you stand the cuteness!! I can't wait to see her on Monday :-)

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