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Saturday, November 6, 2010


Ana is already talking about Christmas, all thanks to some eager beaver in our neighborhood who has had their Christmas lights up since November 1. This does not bode well for us given that Ana had a hard time with Halloween because we started talking about it the morning of, instead of an hour or so before we went out trick-or-treating. Imagine the fun we will have on Christmas with 2 months of buildup...

Anywhoo, right now all is jolly as she talks about the presents that she would like - The Jasmine dress from The Disney Store, but I know you do not like it because it shows my belly, but I will use it in my room in privacies and I will not let anyone see my belly, okay? and wedding gloves, and a tiara, and a wedding dress like yours, Mommy, and fancy panties from The Fancy Panty Store (Victoria's Secret).

My role in all of this is to play the part of Santa. You know, like I am often called upon to impersonate God in our conversations. In this case, though, I just lower my voice an octave and throw in a couple of Ho, Ho, Hos for good measure. So far I seem to be doing a decent enough job. I thought I was close to being fired when I tried to discuss (in Santa character) how good it feels to also give and that we don't need everything in the world. I managed to bring myself back by pretending to give her the fairy set that they have on special at Target these days. Now that I type this, why did I try to avoid my firing? Doh. Must do worse job next time. Maybe I'll talk to her about toy donations..and tithing...

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