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Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Many Faces of Chocolate

To Ana's supreme delight, she discovered that the wedding favor at Cousin Kim's wedding was a box of foil wrapped chocolates - at least 10 or so chocolates a box. To her even greater delight, she discovered that her power as the only child in attendance, not to mention her cuteness and ability to persuade anyone to do anything, meant that she was able to collect around 10 to 12 boxes of chocolates. You do the math. Not good. Come along with me, if you will, as we witness Ana's journey through the Land 'o Chocolate - the highs and the lows:


Donna Sopper said...

As the mother of the bride, I wish everyone to know how special it was to have Ana as Kim's Flower Girl and let me tell you, she was FABULOUS. She deserved every one of those yummy chocolates. Of course her Mom and Dad may have been feeling differently as the sugar rush started, but heck ... so what! Ana had a ball. ;-) Love, Auntie Donna

Auntie Linda said...

These 5 pictures tell the whole story right to the end! Love our Ana soooooo much. (Great!) Auntie Linda

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