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Friday, November 19, 2010

Did I Do That?

Has anyone seen The Social Network? Yes, well, if you haven't, Justin Timberlake, playing the part of Sean Parker, tells Jesse Eisenberg, playing Mark Zuckerberg, one of the founders of Facebook that he should drop the "The" from "The Facebook" and should go with the cleaner "Facebook".

Ever one to buck trends (probably not fooling anyone with that statement) and also out of my dislike of Justin Timberlake, barring his "D*ck in a Box" skit (brilliant), I have changed Nokayblog.com to THENokayblog.com.

Okay, confession time, none of it was intentional. I forgot to renew my domain name and some annoying-to-me-person in Australia bought it. In my defense, Go Daddy did NOT send me renewal emails as claimed. Also in my defense, the Dallas Cowboys website was also recently down for the same reason. Okay, scratch that last one - I think it probably hurts my case more than helps it.

Now that I have alienated all Dallas Cowboys and Justin Timberlake fans, I will wrap up by saying... WE ARE BACK! And it feels good. Remember to change your bookmark, if you have one, to THENokablog.com and accept no substitutes.

Posts on Ana's flowergirl debut to come - check back tomorrow!


Pegaroo said...

So glad you're up and running and again! Darn that domain snatcher. How much did he want to charge you for it? I think THENokayblog.com is great :)

Unknown said...

Those good-for-nothing Australians. ;)

Auntie Karen said...

We'll follow your blog anywhere :-)

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