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Monday, May 23, 2011

Anatomy Lesson

We have a nightly ritual with Little Chick. After bedtimes stories, she will throw her little legs out from under the covers and we will kiss our way up, saying goodnight to various body parts -
Goodnight toes, Goodnight knees, Goodnight belly, etc.

Last night, in a desperate attempt to stall, Ana offered to do the same for me. I do not get out of bed as easily as I used to because increasingly it is like I am pinned down by a growing boulder. I also was tired, so the prospect of lying flat a little longer was a very attractive one, and I agreed.

(kissing toes) Goodnight toes

(kissing knees) Goodnight knees

(kissing thighs) Goodnight ribs

I believe someone has not been paying attention past the first few kisses each night...

On another note, If you bought over $150 worth of steak and then for the past two days have been put off by the thought of meat, you might also be pregnant. Again, not saying this has anything to do with me. Nope, not me.

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