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Monday, May 16, 2011

Why Bother?

With the addition of a third anti-nausea medicine, I have been feeling somewhat "neutral", which has been waaaay better than my former standard feeling of clutch-the-toilet-bowl-all-day. Given that I am expanding at the rate of the national debt, I thought I would surprise Scott and Banana with a short trip to "Sanny Tonio" while I can still walk quasi-waddle-less. If all went well, we could do it again in the near future.

I planned for us to get into town, have dinner on the River Walk, then hit up the zoo the next day. One last dinner on the River Walk, and then back to Austin Sunday morning. In and out since I wasn't sure how it would go. My plan should have looked like this:

check into hotel
have a pillow fight
try the lotion sample
eat at the hotel
jump on the beds some more
go to sleep after turning all of the lights in the room on and off several times

go to the hotel breakfast buffet
back to the room for a pillow fight
jump around
check out the hotel TV
play with the lotion some more
lunch at the hotel
more pillow fighting
sneak a handful of free mints
dinner at the hotel
go to bed, laying on every pillow possible

hotel breakfast buffet
reluctantly check out of the hotel grabbing more mints on our way out of the lobby

That was about how impressed Ana was with any plan to leave the hotel. The entire trip to the zoo was peppered with, "Can we go back to our hotel now, please? I just want to go to our new home. I wish we could live in the hotel forever."

Next time I am saving the drive time and dough and we are checking in to some downtown Austin hotel. Ana will be in Heaven.

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