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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Bedtime Antics

My little hoser was avoiding bedtime yet again tonight. She has a real repertoire going at this point:

I need a drink!
We don't drink until morning.

I need to go potty!
You can do it in the morning.

I can't see anything in here!
You can see again in the morning.

Clearly I have honed my responses. The one that I am a sucker for every time, and the one she got me with tonight is the old Mommy, I love you routine. It goes something like this -

Caress, caress (remember I am still having to lay next to her on the floor...sigh). Mommy, I love your face.

Pat, pat. Mommy, I love your soft, soft cheeks.

Ahhh... Mommy, I love your bootiful blue eyes (this from the kid who can't see anything).

The girl knows her audience.

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