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Monday, May 17, 2010

Note To Self

Do not post anything positive re: Ana's attitude on the blog. You are only inviting the wrath of whoever thinks it is funny to test you this year. Our run of good days came to an end. Fast.

I was thinking to myself, oh, up until about 10 a.m., "I think that the 5 good days allowed me to reset myself to be extra patient and accepting without having to even try." By 10:05 I realized that it must have just been the green tea I drank that morning because there was no not-even-having-to-try about it anymore! As I read back on my statement, even I would have been tempted to throw a pie at my face.

I will say that although the day has been rocky, the recovery time between rocks has been shorter; that's progress, right? On another positive note, this was my conversation with the census taker:

CT: Can you spare 10 minutes or less?
Me: Less
CT: Okay, how about 5 minutes or less?
Me: Less (seriously, why does he ask?)
CT: (after asking questions for about 1.5 minutes, 0.5 minutes into which Ana started saying things like - I'n frustrated! I won't let you love me! I'n going to go far away!) Uhh...I'm sure that's enough! Bye!

Thanks, Ana. :-)

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