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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Done With Disney

We are going to try phasing out the princesses (wish us luck!). First I took issue with the fact that almost all of them had to be rescued by a prince who loved them for nothing more than their rosy cheeks or that princess shade of lipstick they picked up at the drugstore.

Then they drove me crazy with their single minded drive to find "the perfect man". What ever happened to college - or waiting until your 20s? (Yes, Sleeping Beauty, I am referring to you.)

Now I've had it with their endings - everyone gets married and rides off into the sunset. While I am all for the institution of marriage, I'm not a big fan of focusing on a big smooch and walking down the aisle - whatever happened to dating? Making sure you even like the guy? Did you check out your future mother-in-law? For pete's sake, Snow White - you went from living at home to living with 7 guys (!!!) to moving into your prince's house. Have you no shame?

The final straw was when Ana saw a young chap at the farmer's market on Saturday. She was first drawn to him by the fact that he had eaten the head off of his gingerbread cookie - the exact way Ana likes to dig into that particular treat - they had something in common. She went over to chat with him (progress, people!!!) and must have liked what she heard because she came back to me and said, I want to give him a big kiss. I want to marry him and have earrings and a dress and white gloves and glass shoes and a whale (veil)!

She's 3 1/2!!! At this point, the only males I want her kissing are her Daddy and the dog - and that's actually rather disgusting. So, for now, the princess movies will be slowly "disappearing" from our shelves and the ballet ones will be making a comeback. I doubt we will be able to kidnap the plastic "friends", but it will be a fine day when we role play Ladies and Men and Banana says, I don't give out my number. Give me yours and I'll call you if I'd like to.

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Scott said...

Let's see...I'm assuming it's disgusting to kiss the dog. Stress has been causing me a bit of the upset stomach but I've been flossing and gargling lately much more religiously.

Also, Ana sees what a wonderful life your prince (now king) has brought to you and she wants the same. I think it's sweet!

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