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Thursday, May 13, 2010


One of Ana's therapies involves being brushed with a surgical brush and then having joint compressions 6-8 times a day. It's a long explanation as to why we are doing this, but whatever the reason, it seems to be working. I feel like alien body snatchers have come from some distant planet and replaced Shelley with my old Ana. Trust me, I'm not questioning their judgement - they can keep her. I am just thrilled to have my old child back, for as long as this run may last.

It is working so well that I feel like it might just be the next miracle cure. She is more emotionally flexible, calm, happy, and cuddly. It's been such an improvement that I've actually started giving myself a hit of the brush from time to time. Can't hurt, right?

I actually haven't noticed any changes in myself besides nice glowing skin from all of the exfoliation, but that's not too bad. Now, if it would only take off my make up at night, put on SPF lotion during the day, and floss my teeth from time to time, I'd be doing great!

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