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Friday, May 14, 2010


Ana met Milena at our neighborhood park yesterday. The two girls played happily (!!!) for close to an hour and hugged like long lost friends when it was time to go.

The only problem is that Ana now swears that she must have her hair cut short like Milena's. See, Milena had a cute Shamu necklace on - it always starts with jewelry for my girl. That led to a discussion of how she got the necklace at Sea World, to which I commented that we are thinking about checking out Sea World this summer.

Somehow in Ana's 3 1/2 year old brain she became convinced that little girls are not let into Sea World unless they have Milena-length hair. I told her that all girls could go, but apparently she is the expert on the Sea World dress code because she wasn't buying it.

No! I have to look like a girl-boy so I can see the Sea World and buy the jewelry! Hey! I have a dee-a (idea)! I can cut all my hair off and then buy the things! Hey! That's a choice!

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