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Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Ana is absolutely besotted with her furry "brother" Cooper (our dog). She thinks the way he rolls in the grass is hysterical. She loses it when he yawns. She goes batty for the way he barks at every-single-living-thing-that-walks-past-the-darn-house - "so cute - that silly Cooper". What she also, woefully, thinks is adorable is the way he licks.

This one was new to me. I only discovered it during a minor freak out moment when she started licking my face in the ordering line at Subway yesterday. We were disturbing to more than just me, I can pretty much guarantee you. Apparently my sigh of relief at her explanation was taken as a condoning of her new habit because she offered to share the limelight:

You can lick me too, Mommy! I will let you! You can be the doggie licking my face!

I opted instead for barbecue Baked Lays.

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