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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Random Inaccuracies


Here is the proper procedure for using a wish bone. If you do not follow this you will be chastised, as I was. Soundly.

1. pick the side you want
2. change your mind, three times
3. accuse the other person of stealing your side
4. refuse to make a wish because "that is not how it works"
5. pull the wishbone
6. trade sides again
7. now make your wish - out loud - for 2 minutes straight - listing everything you ever wanted
8. inform everyone that you will get all of these things on your birthday because you told the "wishknown" (sic)


Here is the proper procedure for playing chase:

1. Run behind Daddy all around the house yelling, "I'm the winner!"
2. Try it at the park with a little girl. Refuse her explanation of how to actually play chase by telling her, "No, that's not what you do! You'd better run you girl!"


1. Watch the movie Oceans
2. Add commentary like "Oh, that's kind! That big fish let the little fish ride in his mouth!"

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