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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Boy Parts

Ana is becoming increasingly interested in the differences between male and female genitalia. She has been asking me out of the blue questions, that I try my best to answer honestly, as long as we are not in public.

Not content with mere conversation, she has begun doing drive-bys when Daddy is going to the potty. It would be one thing if she were seeing him in an off-hand sort of way, but when she is seeking out a peep show, Daddy is understandably uncomfortable.

I brought it up to Ana and asked her if she was trying to take a look and she confirmed that this was the case. Daddy was highly uncomfortable by this point, so we came up with the solution that he would draw her a picture. From the other room I hear:

Oh, gross!

That's not gross, Ana. That's what it looks like. Mommy, can you come in here and take a look?

I went in and took a look and I couldn't help myself - Oh gross! Daddy had drawn an atomically correct rendition, with neighboring body parts and other, decorations, shall we say.

On the plus side, I think Ana has been cured of her obsession.


Crazy Cathcart said...

Laughing my A$$ off!!!! Way to go Scott!!

Pam LeBlanc said...


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