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Monday, September 27, 2010

A Letter To Ana

Three years ago today, Daddy and I were standing in a courtroom far from home, full of love, with our hearts in our throats. We had fallen in love with a tiny, red-haired force of nature and we were petitioning the court to make her ours forever.

By the grace of God we answered everything to the judge's satisfaction and received word that we would never be forced to leave you again.

Three years ago to this day you made us a family. You continue to amaze us, to force us to grow, and to give deep meaning and purpose to our lives. You are our fiercely guarded treasure, our secret smile, the one for whom the sun rises.

We love you now and for always. Happy Family Day, Dear One.


Auntie Wehn said...

Beautifully written Al! I LOVE you writing!!!

Ana, you are a sweet sweet treasure! Our lives are brighter because of you!

Auntie Wehn

Auntie Wehn said...

I meant "your writing". :) It's early!

The Wyma Zoo said...

What a special, special bond!!!! HUGS

Shenanigans said...

What a beautiful letter. Such beautiful prose. I love the 'fiercely guarded treasure' line. She is a treasure! We enjoyed our evening with you guys. Thanks so much for having us. Best dress up clothes in the kingdom.

Crazy Cathcart said...

Wow!! As I brush the happy tears from my eyes...the love of a parent knows no bounds and all it takes is one special little person to bring it all out. Here's to many more years of love a laughter!!!

Aunt Donna said...

I remember only too well, Ali. We all waited with love in our hearts and hoped that it would go as planned. You and Scott are the most wonderful parents (as expected; but I'm prejudiced!). I love watching how happy your little family is, and how incredibly adorable and loving my little Ana Banana is. She never ceases to amaze me.

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