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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Laurel and Hardy

Ana was a regular stand up comedian Thursday. She had testing for a new preschool and they decided to throw another kid in the room with her to see how she did. Answer: pretty well if you get points for acting like you are on crack.

The two girls got each other going because they both recognized that they had easy marks in the observing teachers. I have seen it all. It is no longer funny. It ceased being funny a loooong time ago.

First they hit up the play kitchen. Broccoli?!? (Throw it down) Yuck! Bejebals (vegetables)?!? (Throw) Yuck! Eggs?!? Yuck!

Next it was on to playing house. Ana put on a ballet tutu to play the part of the mother and the other little girl donned a karate outfit to play the part of the father. Ana would dance around the kitchen a la Donna Reed while the "Daddy" walked around with his hand tucked in his pants. I have to say, I think things were reflecting better on me at that point.

They wrapped it up with a spontaneous song about picking your nose and bums. I am expecting our rejection letter any day now.

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