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Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Thank the Lord for a series of books about children that covers the highlights of each year. I recently started reading 4: Wild and Wonderful. The books are awesome because they allow you to look at practically every single behavior and go, Oh! I don't care that she is putting her hand down her pants and picking her nose at the same time. The book said that's totally normal. I LOVE this book.

It also helped me to overlook the following:

Mommy, I'm going to wear this dress outside. I'll wear it outside and a squirrel will poop on it (sound effects) and pee on it (sound effects). Cackle. Cackle. Cackle.

Totally normal. See page 5, subheading potty humor. Not worried at all. Not one bit.


Unknown said...

Is there a book that talks about your 30's?

Sarah said...

i love these books. i read page 1 of the five year old and my fears about luke nad his anti-social skills were put to rest. wish i had the 2 year old book for lillie.

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