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Friday, August 26, 2011

Enough Already, Daddy!

If you hadn't gathered from earlier posts, Scott has a Chik-fil-A obsession. I truly he believe that he would name one of the babies Chik and the other Fil-A if it would guarantee him free spicy chicken sandwiches for life. He knows not to bother me anymore because I now flat out refuse to go with him if we already went once the week before. Looks like Ana is putting her foot down too.

Driving home the other night Scott made a pit stop at- where else?- Chick-fil-A to grab some dinner for him and Banana. Pulling up, a weary voice said from the backseat:

Oh boy... here we go again...

She got to go somewhere else :-)

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Ron Boero said...

Awww poor Scott. I hope he at least put his own order in before submitting to Ana's unreasonable demands. You can't let the terrorists win, Scott!

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