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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Webster's Un-Dictionary

Ana has been reading Fancy Nancy books lately. Fancy Nancy likes to throw out a shi-shi word and then follow it up with "X is another word for... or X means ....". Apparently Ana likes her style. I have been treated to the following definitions over the last few days:

Mom. I was confused. Confused means you don't know and you don't know and you don't know, so you go sit under a tree.

Okay, Buddah.

Mom. Accessories is another word for things you need for a party. You must have accessories to be fancy. You can buy them at H-E-B and then you will look fab-uh-lous. You will be the prettiest in the land. You don't wear accessories. You need to get some.

Mom. Can I have some kukalah for dinner? Kukalah means not broccoli, not peas, not corn, not carrots, not anything. Only mac 'n cheese and dessert.

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