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Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Hills Are Alive...

with the sound of... wardrobe changes?

I was beat yesterday afternoon, so Ana and I sat down to watch The Sound of Music together. A friend's children love the movie and Ana loves singing, so I figured it would be a hit with her.

I explained things in simple terms as the movie went along, including the part where the family flees from the "bad guys" until the war is over. Ana hummed, she danced, she ad libbed along - I could tell she was enjoying it. When the movie wrapped up, I asked her, So what did you think?

Well, when the kids and the Mommy and Daddy went away from their house, what happened to the dresses?

What do you mean?

You know, the dresses in their closets. What happened to the dresses?

Nothing. They just stayed in the closets until the kids got back.

The soldiers didn't wear them?

No, they wouldn't fit.

But, did they take them out of the closets and put their clothes in there?

No, I'm sure they left their clothes in their suitcases and didn't touch the closets.

Oh, that's okay then.

That was what worried my chick the most - not where did the family live while they were in exile? Not, what happened to the other people left in the town? Not, was everyone okay.? Nope. It was - what happened to the dresses? At least my girl is predictable... ;-)

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