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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Ana 2: Self Esteem 0

Okay, you all read yesterday about the sudden pregnancy look that I seem to be sporting. If you are a reader of the last couple of months, you also know that several months back Ana reported to Daddy that I have "long boobies". Not big, not perky... long. I wrote it off as an accidental use of an adjective.

Ana struck again. Sunday night we were out to dinner with friends and their kids and we were all sitting at one of those round booths, Ana next to me and Scott on my other side. As I was talking to Scott, I felt a little hand grab my chest and give a squeeze. "Mommy, you have loooooong boobies." Apparently that adjective was no accident.

It's a good thing that I don't take much seriously these days because I would start to wonder about myself. More than I already do, that is.

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Pegaroo said...

I guess it's better than short boobies? That Ana is too funny.

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