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Monday, January 10, 2011

Hook 'Em

Ana is the world's newest Texas Longhorns fan and I would venture to say she is also the world's greatest right now. We managed to score an extra ticket to a Longhorns basketball game on Saturday and were able to bring her along with our group instead of leaving her with a sitter.

She was not too sure what she thought about going, as it would mean leaving her beloved toys, until we told her she could wear her Texas cheerleader costume. That did it. If you can wear a costume for it, she is game. I think I'm going to invent a Super Doctor's Office Girl costume. But I digress...

We got to the arena and lo and behold, they had popcorn! Now she was sure that she loved all of the hoopla - costumes AND popcorn. What could be better? This inspired a fierce sense of loyalty in Ana:

Which are our boys? I'm gonna be their cheerleader and help them to be the winners! Go, Boys! Go Horn Boys! Texas! Go team! Did they win now? (1 minute into the game)

Mom! Look! I can do the horns (the hand sign)! I'm a grown up cheerleader now! Hook 'em Horns! Go Boys! Texas! Fight! Did they win now? (1.5 minutes into the game)

Whoo! Whoo! Can I have more popcorn? Do you see my golden hair with my costume? I'm a cheerleader like those girls (the real cheerleaders) but I am fancier! They wish they were fancy like me. Go Boys! Share the ball! Did they win now? (2 minutes into the game)

And so it went.

It actually got way less interactive on my part once I discovered that she thought the cheering meant someone won. After she understood that it did not in fact mean that, she was just content to yell out her, Go Boys!, You need to share the ball!, and Texas! Fight!s, which is super cute coming from a tiny cheerleader wearing a tiara and toting a plastic microphone.

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