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Thursday, January 27, 2011


Our idyllic start to school has come to a screeching halt. Apparently one of the little girls in Ana's class has decided to experiment with face making and attitude throwing. Other kiddos might be able to shrug that off, but it is throwing Ana for a loop and she has been talking about it and talking about it - both on school days and non-school days. You can tell she is wrestling with big questions such as - Is she a mean girl because she makes mean faces? - Do I have to be her friend even if she is mean to me? - that kind of thing.

Ana brought it up again yesterday morning while we were lying in bed. Mommy, L. was making mean faces at me again! Why? I don't want to be her friend if she is not kind to me. She's not going to have any friends if she can't be a kind person. Why is she doing that?

(Of course Ana forgets that she is often a mean facemaker at Mommy and lately has thought that L.'s attitude seems fun, so she has been trying it on at home - crossing her arms, sticking her nose in the air, and harrumphing, but no matter...)

Well, I told her, we don't know why she's doing it. Maybe she doesn't know how it makes other people feel, or maybe she is feeling nervous or scared.

No sympathy from my child - Well! She needs to learn her lessons! She needs to take a cheel pill. She needs to do a deep breath. Relax! Cheel her body out! Settle down, girl!

Uh huh. Wonder where she got that from...

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