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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Short Term Memory Girl

My lady has no recall. Nothing beyond the past 5 or so minutes that is.

Ana, what did you have for snack at school today?

Chocolate ice cream.

No... I don't think so.

Ana, where did your jacket go?

Cooper put it outside.

No... I don't think so.

You do have to give her points for imagination...

We do this thing at dinner each night where we go around the table and report out one good thing that happened to each of us. Given the recall issue, this is no easy feat for Ana. She often tries to pass off eating dinner with you guys as her answer. Not surprisingly, she also fails to recall that we veto this answer every. single. night. Therefore, two nights ago found her answering for what felt like the 33,000th time - Ummmm... I liked eating whatever this is that we're eating with you guys. She actually managed to top herself - she couldn't even recall the meal's name!

Last night we went to a neighbor's house for a playdate/dinner date. A good time was had by all and Ana went home in a very happy mood. When I tucked her in I asked her, What was your favorite thing about playing at your friends' house?

Ummm... I liked saying goodbye.

For the positive spin, at least she won't be able to recall my Mommy blunders!

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