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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Modern Day Meets Old World - A Pictorial

"I'm telling you, you don't want to go down that route at your age. You should only guess how little sleep I get each night - what with the baby crying, the donkey lowing, and that wise man who keeps talking to the potted plant. Not too wise, in my opinion."

"I'm not looking. I promise. I'm just standing here trying to put this box of gold down the toilet."


Nicole said...

BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! That sounds like our commentary with the dollhouse! We have the same one, and a lot of the same hijinks go on. Yesterday, Shawn called me in there to ask what kind of funny business was going on...Sissy had put one of Cale's firemen and one of his policemen in bed together.
We seriously need to get Hayden and Ana together to play...those two would have us rolling on the floor!!!

Bethany Stout said...

thanks for the laugh, alison! and happy new year.

Auntie Karen said...

I can't stop laughing!!!! Love it! I miss playing with Ana. Going to have to schedule a play date :-)

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