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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Good Cop/ Bad Cop

Ana is very polar in her categorization of me and Scott these days. It's a total 4 year old thing, but one of us is "her best" at any given moment in time and the other one "is being mean" to her.

Yesterday Daddy was the meanie because he refused to play with the only naked doll in the dollhouse. Apparently Ana was offended by the nakedness and wanted Daddy to play with the doll...in the dollhouse garage.

It works in my favor when she is striking against Daddy because she will happily comply with anything I ask. I managed to brush her hair and her teeth with no fuss whatsoever. Last night, though, it was my turn to be the terrible one. My crime? I made her leave a playdate to go home to bed. For shame. I couldn't sway her with the argument that if she stayed, she'd be playing in the dark because everyone was going to bed. I think she thought that sounded like a fine plan.

I realized that I am becoming a seasoned Mom, however because in the past I would have felt a little twinge that I had fallen out of favor. This time, though, I knew that my lady's loyalties are fleeting and I should put my feet up while I could because soon enough it would be my turn to be the chosen one.

Scott and I are evolving as parents. I know this because we are now starting to think about how we can use this good cop/ bad cop thing to our advantage. We came up with the following.

Me: No, I don't think she should have any carrots.
Scott: Mommy, I think you should give her a chance. You need to share the carrots with her. Let her have some.

Scott: I think she should go out with fuzzy teeth.
Me: No! I don't want my baby to have fuzzy teeth. That's terrible! I'm going to help her brush them and you can't stop me, Daddy.

Me: I really think we shouldn't let her go to the bathroom. We should just let her do the pee pee dance like she's been doing for the past hour - she'll be fine.
Scott: No! I'm going to let her take care of her body. Mommy, you can't let her go potty in her pants. She can use the potty - I say so!

I give her about 10 days before she's on to us, but what a glorious 10 days it will be!

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Auntie Karen said...

Too Much cuteness in this family :-) All around :-)

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