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Monday, February 21, 2011

Oh Crap... I Mean American

Banana has come up with her own word of frustration... American. We were following one of her buddies over to his house on Sunday afternoon in our car:

I hope we will be the winner!

Babe, I don't think we are because we are following him. Besides, we want him to get there first so his mom can open the door for us.

Nope! I think we will be the winners! (Gotta love my girl's optimism)

We pulled into the driveway... surprise... behind him.

Oh American! We weren't the winners. Bummer! American! Oh well, maybe the next time. That's okay.

I kind of like her style. At the very least it sounds a lot more patriotic than things I usually say. I think I'll try it out tomorrow.

Oh American! I left the keys back in the house. I'll have to go get them.

Oh American! I forgot to bring the checkbook and tuition is due.

Oh American! I went to the grocery store and I forgot the one thing that I was supposed to get in the first place!

See how patriotic I will sound?

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Unknown said...

Haha. I think this is one trend I will personally not follow, but will love to observe firsthand!

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