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Monday, February 7, 2011

Sh*t My Dad Does

Has anyone caught that show, Sh*t My Dad Says? I've got a new one for you - Sh*t My Dad Does.

I have a really, really wonderful dad. He is kind, generous, thoughtful, smart, loyal, and the list goes on and on. He is also a sucker for his Ana Banana and the adoration is mutual - Ana adores her "Papa Bear". I think it might be partly because it is such a love fest, that Papa Bear does not like to rock the boat.

There was the time that he shared his Diet Coke with her... when she was 2... right before her naptime.

There was the time that he responded to her wielding a knife with, "Oh you! You give that back you little bola! You come back here with that!"

And then there was Saturday night. Date night. We had a great time out and came back to a quiet house, with Papa Bear relaxing on the couch, so we knew all had gone well. And it did. Except for the TV watching time. God bless Papa Bear, Time Warner does not make it easy to find the preschool on demand channel. So, while channel surfing, he happened to come across King of the Hill. Recognizing something animated, Ana quickly talked him into letting her watch it.

Papa Bear described the plot to us and said that it all wrapped up with a good message. But, first, there was a drunk ex-NFL football player that moved in across the street from, I guess, the main character. The guy was overweight, loud, and belligerent. He also apparently was racist and kept beating up some Asian character. But, it was okay because the assault left a mark on the Asian character's face, so they were able to use that as evidence to show the police.

You have to understand, I am not an uptight mother - on most things - nor is Scott an uptight father. What was done was done, so instead it became downright hysterical. Hysteria probably fueled in part by our glasses of wine with dinner, but hysterical nonetheless. I believe it was when Papa Bear used "but it had a good message in the end" and "assault" in the same sentence that I had to excuse myself to the bathroom. My bladder is not known to hang in there when I am laughing so hard that I can't make noise. Just saying...

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Donna Sopper said...

Oh Boy, does that EVER sound like my darling brother-in-law. I am still laughing my head off!! Oh Steve... Oh Steve...

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