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Friday, February 11, 2011

You Can Keep Your Sympathy

We have made big strides in the way Ana talks to others when she is feeling nervous or insecure. We've come a long way from the early days just after our big move. Ana has progressed from I'll kick you in the eye to You are not as pretty as me to her newest - the false sympathy statement.

It's a really simple formula, actually. Think about something you are insecure about. Then, talk up how much it actually is not a problem for you. Finally, say you are sorry for someone else that they are not as great as you/have as much as you in relation to your insecurity.

Example 1: Insecurity = being good enough
Not a problem = because she's winning the game

Final statement = Mommy, I feel sad for you because you are not a winning person like me. Your person is not as far as mine. Oh, I feel so sad for you that you are not winning like me.

Example 2: Insecurity = not having enough
Not a problem = because she hoarded all of the doll dresses and gave me the naked doll

Final statement = Mommy, I am sad for you that you don't have as many pretty dresses as me.
I have none, Ana. You gave me the naked doll.
Yes, I am sad for you that I have the more prettier dresses and you don't have any. I am so sad for you.

Example 3: Insecurity = having enough love
Not a problem = because her Daddy had just given her big hugs and smooches at the door before he left for work.

Final statement = Mommy, oh it is so sad that Daddy does not love you as much as he loves me. I am sorry for you that he wants to marry me and not you. Poor Mommy. You will have no one to marry. But that's okay - you can live with me and Daddy at our house.

Somehow, in all of those cases, I just wasn't feeling it...

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Auntie Karen said...

Can't stop laughing!!!! She cracks me up! Already outsmarting all of us!!!

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