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Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Ana's speech therapist is working with her on the idea of "expected" and "unexpected". She uses it in the context of things like, "What is expected when someone says hello?", or "That was unexpected that the boy did not want to share with us. What can we do?"

Ana has really taken to these two words and likes to use them, sometimes appropriately and sometimes not. Sometimes appropriately, but in very "unexpected" situations. For example (for those that don't like too much information, I would stop reading now):

I am still the one that has to wipe her bum. She is more than willing to do it, but I am not willing to suffer the consequences of her trying at the age of 4. I finished wiping her bum and was helping her pull up her pants when she started grabbing her rear.

Babe! Don't touch your bum! We will have to wash your hands again because you will have bum germs on them! (And yes, sadly I do talk like that.)

But Mom, look what I found! (holds up a scrap of toilet paper that I left behind) That was unexpected!

Unexpected indeed...

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Linda Donovan said...

Oh! a "will knot!" You know, those tiny little pieces of tissue that no matter how hard you try to wipe them away, they WILL NOT come loose!

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