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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Baby Drama

Hi All,

Here is an update on things around here. Not funny, but definitely informative.

Friday morning I was having contractions and was told to head on in to labor and delivery. Sure enough, they were real contractions, but because of the surgery I had back in April, it's impossible ever to tell if I am dilating. So, since the babies were 33 weeks at that point, they decided to try to stop things. Magnesium IVs and steroid shots in my legs to mature their lungs and all settled down. I was released Sunday evening to go home on bedrest.

Sunday night things started up again and got progressively painful and regular on Monday so I called in to see if it was normal (wishful thinking). They told me to head back in to labor and delivery. Last night I got a painkiller in the bum, a shot to relax my muscles in the arm, and some serious loopy juice in my IV. Things have settled down again. I am still contracting, but it is less regular and less painful.

The general plan is that we will try to keep the babies in as long as possible. Everyone here says that I am farther along for twins than a lot of people make it, which is reassuring b/c I for one was not ready this early! Also, they said they are a good size, with strong heartbeats, and they are active. All great things, but may be also contributing to the contractions. The little ones are 35 weeks next Wednesday (according to my docs). If we can make it that far, they won't have to go to NICU if they are healthy enough - or if they do go, they might be able to come home with us when we go home - again, if they are healthy enough.

My doc said her gut feel is that I will deliver sometime this week, although we will wait and see how long we can push it. Pretty much it will come down to the narcotics being able to hold back the contraction pains enough for me to keep taking it (fun prospect!). I will say, though, that things have majorly quieted down in here this a.m., so I'm envisioning a scenario in which I live in the hospital for the next three weeks. Yikes!! Bottom line is, the longer we can cook the babies, the better. I just also feel for my little lady at home who worried this morning that "Mommy might never come home." :-(

So, for sanity's sake, I might be posting on here, or I might be MIA. When the babies do come, we'll let everyone know. We are so thankful for all of our friends and family around here that are keeping us company, packing my bag, taking Ana to and from school, and just making this time less stressful/scary and more bearable.


Jess said...

Thinking of you all! Keep those babies cooking and I will send you some positive vibes. xoxo, Jess

auntie donna said...

Sweetheart, you KNOW that all I have to send your way is in motion. Your mom us keeping me in the loop. You'll be putting your blog to rest soon, for a while. Totally understandable. Just make sure you call me when you are able. THIS time my question of last week will be real. LOL. I love you Abernathy.

Anonymous said...

I delivered my twin boys at 35 weeks and we were good to go...no NICU... so hang in there sister...Breathe! Missy Speer

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