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Monday, September 26, 2011

You Know It's Time To Leave The Hospital When...

1. You have the hospital menu memorized.

2. You find yourself talking to the crow - more than once - that lands on the roof, which is the view from your window. And he has a name.

3. Your doctor calls to ask, and I quote, Is my patient STILL pregnant?!?

4. You hit a new low. You watched 5 minutes of Geraldo before you realized what you were doing and made yourself change the channel.

5. You also bawled your eyes out while you watched the episode of Friends where Rachel gives birth. But then again you bawled your eyes out at Medium. And yes, I watched that too.

6. Your 5 year old can lead the way to your hospital room.

7. You are 100 minutes over on your cell phone and your cycle date doesn't end until October 6th.

8. You have become waaaay too skilled at taking a shower while sitting down and holding your IV arm outside of the shower curtain.

9. Your belly lists to the left when you stand up because you spend all day lying on your left side. Hopefully someday it will go back.

10. You find yourself asking questions of visitors like, What does the outside feel like? and Did you eat any good food last night?

I'm busting out tomorrow! The nurses have literally taken bets as to how soon I'll be back so we should be meeting these two by the end of this upcoming weekend... if not tomorrow. The doctor stopped labor again this past Saturday so that was the THIRD time my body tried to evict its tenants. I'm thinking it's trying to tell us something. Posting might be pretty spotty for a bit but we'll definitely post on here when the babies come. Can't wait! :-)

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