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Thursday, September 8, 2011


Dinnertime has turned into a battle at our house. It is no fun for anyone these days. Banana and I sat down to have a little chat about it to figure out how we could make things go a little more smoothly. I don't think I will be using her suggestions.

Ana, it seems like you are having a hard time at dinner lately.


Let's think of some things we can do together to help it not be a hard time for you. It's not fun for you, me, or Daddy.


I think you could help me put the napkins on the table, so then you can see that soon we will be eating.


Maybe you could even help me with cooking a little bit. I would like your company and then you will not be surprised by the food.


Do you have any ideas?


Okay, let's hear them.

I think we could just eat candy.

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