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Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Visit From Ana

Banana came to see me in the hospital on yesterday. Clearly she had dictated the morning's accessories because she was dressed in navy and red, with a pink flower headband. We had a great visit, other than my stomach getting bumped, patted, and squashed multiple times in the course of the hour.

On her way out the door we had the following exchange:

Mommy, you can keep my headband. It will remind me of me.

It will remind me of me?

No, of me.

Oh, you mean it will remind me of you.


That's very thoughtful. Look, this is how I will sleep tonight (pantomime cuddling with the headband)

Never mind. (snatches it back) It will remind me of you. No, I know - it will remind me of me.

The world clearly does not revolve around this child...

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