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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Beautiful on the Inside

We are working on the difference between "fancy" and "beautiful". I know what Ana means when she says something is not beautiful - she means that it doesn't have sparkles, ruffles, jewels, or ribbons. I know this, sure, but others, probably not so much.

Ana talking very loudly in the vicinity of an obviously not deaf (judging by her reaction) woman yesterday:

Mom! She's not beautiful! Look! Her shirt is not beautiful and her hair is not beautiful! She doesn't have beautiful shoes like me and look at her lips, they are not beautiful! Why is she not beautiful?

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Crazy Cathcart said...

At least she did not ask in her loud voice... "Mommy why is that man wearing a dress?" Needless to say we were at Walmart and to Mikayla's defense is was a rather large woman with a female fu man chu.

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