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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy New Year!

I am voting for a change to 2011. So far, this has not been my year and I would like a do over, please. My expression for 2010 has become not when it rains it pours, but rather, when it pours, it floods!

It looks as though my minor surgery of a couple of weeks ago had major results - something was found and I will need to have more surgery so that what is not life threatening now, will not become so in the near future.

Oh goodie.

Here's where having a kiddo helps. Sure I had a pity party for myself when I found out, and sure I continue to have a minor one each night when Scott gets home, but for the most part, I see no other options, nor can I spend as much time thinking about it as I probably would.

After all, the show must go on and I am the prince, no Flounder, no Aladdin, no the Queen, no Malificent. Choices kind of become more black and white - I will do whatever it takes to stay Ana's Mommy for "all the days," as I tell her. I will not leave her. Oh yeah, and that sweet guy I married too. ;-)

Having this outlet to write also helps because it reminds me to look for the funny in all of my situations - and there is so much funny out there! Thanks for being along for the ride.

With all that said, looks like I'm off to don my raincoat...

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Shenanigans said...

Call me if you want to talk. Sounds really crappy. :( Most of my 2009 was like that. Sorry, Sweetie...

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