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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

No Lie!

The way to know that I'm telling the truth is that I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried.

First I've told you about Ana's wonderful therapy - hand fed snacks, lotion rubdowns, and singing. Now we have the best doctor's appointment EVER.

It started with extreme tenderness and swelling on the left side of Ana's face. Really worried, I took her in. Turns out she might have some kind of a plugged duct. The way to relieve it is antibiotics + sucking on hard candies one after another + watching a movie to distract from the fact that she has a warm compress on her face. That was the doctor's order - pick her up some candy and let her watch a movie.

I really wish I could be like Tom Hanks in Big - I so want to be 3 again! Anybody know where I can find a creepy fortune telling machine? Ooh, and a big floor piano while I'm at it!

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Unknown said...

My 3-year-old self is green with envy. About as green with envy as when my next door neighbor had her tonsils taken out and she "had to" eat popsicles ALL DAY.

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