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Monday, April 19, 2010


I am not a spanker, but I was this close after our doctor's appointment last week.

During checkout, a little girl walked into the payment area. Ana started to make a face, but I reminded her that if we do that, people will think we are mean and will be scared. Instead, we have to show them that we are friendly. If we smile at them, blah, blah, blah.

Brave Little Thing put on a smile and the little girl smiled back. Success! They were soon chatting away.

The little girl left and I was still paying - the checkout woman is sweet, but watching her handle payment is like watching paint dry. Now, from stage left, enters Little Boy and Little Boy's Daddy. My lady gives the boy her biggest grin, waves, and says Hi! WAHOO!

Does the boy ask her to be his friend? Does he smile back? Or, C, does he kick her in the shin? You guessed it folks! He runs over and gives her a nice fat goose egg in the shin. To her credit, Ana didn't jump him, she just looked up at me like - what is wrong with that guy? I thought I was the one with the social problems?

I'm thinking that that little incident set us back for sure. Luckily for him the boy's daddy put him in a time out because I was looking pretty hard out the window for a nearby woodshed. I was feeling an urge to introduce the boy to the joys of the great outdoors, from behind the woodshed.

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