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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Bluebonnet Nazi

So, Chick and I went to take bluebonnet pics on Tuesday. Being the conscientious people-pleaser that I am, I schooled her ahead of time on the "rule of Texas" that says you are not allowed to pick bluebonnets.

There is a beautiful patch of them right inside the entrance to our neighborhood, so that's where we headed. Lo and behold, others had already mashed a path into the center of the flowers so we carefully picked our way along the path and set up camp.

Little Bug desperately wanted to pick some 'bonnets, so I finally caved and let her pick some of the already smashed ones because, let's face it, they were toast already.

Twenty minutes into our communing with nature a very hacked off old woman came walking up - "Didn't you see my sign? Don't you know how to read 'Private Property'? Do you know how much time and money I spent on this and everyone's mashing it?"

Keeping in mind that Ana's default setting is to see the world through black colored glasses rather than rose, I tried to keep my irritation in check. I said that we hadn't seen the sign and apologized for being in the flowers. I pointed out that we stuck to the already mashed path, but that we would leave immediately. I said that we were sorry for being on her property, but that we had been very respectful of the flowers the whole time.

Ana was having none of the rolling over routine. Thrusting her bluebonnet stuffed fist into the air and using her very best nanny-nanny-boo-boo voice, she said, "I picked your flowers! Look! I picked your flowers!"

I know you're not supposed to cover your child's face with your hand, but in some instances I do think it might be appropriate. Just saying...


Nicole said...

I love it! Hilarious!

The Glynns said...

That is great!

Crazy Cathcart said...

So take THAT you bluebonnet nazi!

Shenanigans said...

Oh My!!! That takes the cake. I like her spunk. (But I don't wish I were you during that particular moment.) :)

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