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Saturday, April 3, 2010

She's Ba-ack...

Well, "Shelley" has decided to grace her with our presence again. She's back with a vengence and has upped her game.

Moving into the new house on Monday was hard on her and it has been downhill ever since. She hung in there with just general anxiety stuff, only turning on us yesterday, but when that girl turns, man does she turn! No half-arsing it for Shelley.

Our bedrooms are on different floors, so that is mostly what threw her for a loop. For the nearish future, one of us has to go to sleep with her in our room while the other gets freedom for the evening.

It sounds lonely, but we are trying to think of the brightside. For example, we could each have an affair so that we'd have someone to hang out with - good idea, no? Another option - I can watch all of the Lifetime for Women made for TV movies that I want without anyone laughing at me when I cry like a baby.

Scott's plan is to OD on massive quantities of chips and meat products. Gotta love that boy.

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