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Friday, April 16, 2010

Grumpy Man

Apparently the new sleeping arrangements are taking their toll on everyone. Ana decided to role play sleeping with me. First she pretended to be herself, then me, and finally Daddy.

Huff. Puff. Toss. Turn.

(goofy voice) I'n grumpy. I'n frustrated. I'n too hot. Stop talking!

Huff. Puff. Toss. Turn.

Goodbye Mommy, I'n going to sleep in the other room. I'n having a grumpy time. I love you. Goodnight.

She's an impressive actress because I found myself replying, Goodnight. I love you. I'll wake you up for work in the morning.

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Shenanigans said...

Our mornings go a lot like that.. But it would make me really happy if the twins would start doing some impersonations of Jason. Not that it would inspire him to get out of bed.. I love reading your blog!

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